Mood during exercise

Mood during exercise It is not for nothing that they say if you are in a bad mood-do some physical exercises (which you love and which you like), and everything that you thought was impossible turns out to be easily solved.⠀When I walk down the street, I smile to myself well, and others of course, although, perhaps, they think that I'm not myself (who knows)😞⠀I noticed that it is on cardio, after strength training, that my mood rises to a state of high emotionality. I feel that I'm not myself (who knows)😞⠀And then the last time I trained, it was on an empty stomach and I didn't even think about it. It was an unpleasant thought, but I didn't want to do it😞⠀And now I know why I'm so anxious during training. This is a habitual state for which there is no treatment. It's just the way the brain works.⠀Trainers, I have this meditation technique that I use to overcome my emotions. It doesn't matter what level of training you have and what your goals are, if you're in a bad mood, then you can't train effectively and safely, so train with the intention of overcoming it.⠀And of course I want to share with you a great app that I use personally😊💪😊😊This is a special kind of support group for students. By entering the URL, you can directly listen to classes and train without restrictions. go to the app, and start training, try not to make assumptions about what kind of person you are and what level of training you have.⠀I want to give a special shout-out to my old friends the "old boys" network. I met them in High School, and we used to hang out together, do tricks and play sports, but then... Network. So, sorry for the abrupt end. I'll leave a link to my Facebook wall. So, if you like my work, consider becoming a patron 💪