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How to eat and lose weight. My latest findings

How to eat and lose weight. My latest findings Many people have asked how to eat and lose weight, and I, like many others, have unrealistic expectations. I want to tell you that the expectations are extremely slight, and the result - good, and safe. the result in my experience is as follows:1) Don't think about food always and everywhere.2) Take vitamins and minerals seriously.3) Watch out for your own health. If you're not injured, then there's nothing to worry about.4) If you're not thin, then don't sweat it.5) Focus on basic human needs. If you can't grow a beard, don't worry about it. If you can't eat at all for whatever reason, then you can start with a bowl of rice or a can of beans. the result will not be long in coming.6) Don't sit on fancy diets. Those who stick to a diet are often afraid of what it will mean for their figure. a week. Whole foods, fresh fruits, vegetables, low-calorie meats, eggs, potatoes...they will quickly give the body what it needs. 7) Eat whenever and where you want. You should not have to "stick" to special diets. Eat whenever and where you want. You should not force functions, functions, or dietary bans on yourself. You should be able to make decisions about what you eat at home and what you want to consume at a certain time. You should be able to quickly switch to a whole new diet if something does not work out. But stick to the plan you came up with. If the pattern does not work out - switch to a different strategy. It's not hard for you to do it. If you're still not convinced - switch to functional or molecular diets. If you're still not convinced - sign up for tests. If you're still not satisfied - just ask for refunds. Don't be afraid of changes and new foods. They will only help. And you - the consumer - will be the first to know. 8) Don't sit on fancy diets. These days, everyone has their own diet, which is great. I'm not saying that go to a fitness club every day. I'm just saying that if you want to lose weight - stick to the existing patterns and do not chase imaginary doors. It's hard to stick to a diet forever, you know... 9) Don't like to read about proper nutrition. For many, this topic is very controversial. Let's just say that proper nutrition is the key to a healthy body. No one wants to feel guilty about liking some foods. 10) Exercise. Even if you really want to lose weight, it's hard to ignore the fact that exercise it helps. physical activity. If you don't have the opportunity or motivation to exercise, then do whatever you want. I hope I helped you in some way in these difficult times. :)