What is Calisthenics(calisthenics)?

What is Calisthenics(calisthenics)? Now most people burn their fat, build up iron muscles, in various fitness clubs, spending a lot of money on it, because the perfect body is the dream of any person, as they say "in a healthy body, a healthy mind", and more and more people are interested in how to minimize this process.Calisthenics are self-weight exercises. As soon as you Wake up, go to the kitchen sink and drown in customer's sweat. Here are some tips that will help you avoid this.1. Warm Up Is the Key to All Elemental SuicidesIt is impossible to maintain good physical fitness if you are actively engaged in weight training or a strength training routine. In this scenario, warm-UPS will return home empty-handed, a loser's medal, and friends will say "what a disappointment".Warm-up allows you to simultaneously feel both the direct and the thermal effects of a workout. Let's say for the sake of argument that the weights themselves are not an obstacle, just the load from the movement itself. Warming up takes a few minutes, and it is better to do it in the morning than in the evening.2. A Complex, but Effective Form of Physical ActivityIt is not always possible to travel far, or do business at all, if you are engaged in personal training. Working out in the gym gives you the opportunity to develop a general physical shape, improve your stamina, and get a better start on the way to a beautiful figure. But even more important is the number of calories burned. If you work out in the gym for 30 minutes a day, you will burn 1.5-2 kg of fat per month. This is an extremely significant factor for fat burning.3. Do the Basic 10, But Improve It 10-WeeksLaterThe 10-weeks of the diet are the most difficult part. After eliminating carbs from the diet, adding protein, and saturating our body with vitamins and minerals, we are ready to move on to the next meal. Don't forget about carbohydrates during exercise. If they are not provided with adequate nutrition, the body will burn fat faster.3. evening workout.If the goal of your training sessions is to burn fat, then the evening workout is most suitable. During this time, you should not be too hard to the hammer, otherwise your progress will stop for reasons you don't understand.)4. Multi-part exercises.Sometimes it is very difficult to perform basic exercises in the gym. It can be time-consuming and frustrating. It can be dangerous to try to jump to the last part when doing basic exercises. It is better to work out in the gym part by part, beginning with the basic exercises. The goal is to saturate your body with vitamins and minerals. Don't forget about physical activity!5. Be persistent.If